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What is the typical mileage for your Prius?

  • Average about 35 mpg, as claimed by the CBS article.

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  • Average about 40 mpg.

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  • Average about 45 mpg.

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  • Average about 55 mpg.

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niomeka said:
And btw, regarding US companies and "conspiracies" a very small number of people sit on all the boards of the major US companies, because most of them sit on several to tens of boards. There is seldom more than one degree of seperation between a member of one board and any other. That very tiny and close knit community tends to share a lot of common interests, so it doesn't exactly take a conspiracy to figure out that major media companies have close ties to GM and US auto makers. FYI. Of course most of what big companies do it good, it's just the other stuff to look out for. Like the way Enron was able to not only defraud it's employees and investors, but the way Wall Street, several major banks like Merryl Lynch, One of the worlds top accounting firms Arthur Anderson, and countless others including many media pundits were in on the take intentionally or simply compromised and sold out. That's how "conspiracies" really work, it's just widespread corruption and a lack of firewalls between companies, Wall Street, and government.
Exactly right. Usually when conspiracy theories are bashed, they are characterized as being carefully planned agendas covertly executed to target specific enemies. In fact they are much more akin to the strategies you see in team sports where each team member uses his individual experience to aid his team mates and oppose the opposite side.

Teamwork is an excellent method to achieve results, but when it is used by the most powerful people in society as a group, and the goals are mainly the enrichment of their own players, the rest of society doesn't stand a chance. That's how 99% of the wealth becomes concentrated in 1% of the population.

The notion of a 'level playing field' suggests fairness, but how can it be fair when you have all the 350 lb goons on one side, and the average Joe on the other side?
101 - 102 of 102 Posts