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Hi, I've been a 04 Prius owner since October... totally loving my car.
I custom print various substrates in photographic quality. I just ordered 500 car mats for a job and thought I'd offer everyone here an opportunity to design and buy their own front seat car mats. These are flat polyester felt fabric mats with a black rubber backing (Scotch guarded). Think of them as a blank canvas. Any image, any text... you're the artist! Normally these would sell for $100 per set in orders less than 20 pairs. I believe in the Prius and it's loyal drivers. I will provide them at $75/pair plus S&H (individual price). You provide the image/text, I produce them. I take paypal, visa and mc. My mat shows a great outdoor scene with the text "2004 Prius Do you need another reason?"

The design is up to you. Put your boss's face on it, maybe your ex wife, maybe a picture from your favorite vacation. The choices are unlimited.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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