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I've been grinning all week.

I ordered a Driftwood Pearl BC on 1 November, and it was ready for pickup on Monday (8 December), sooner than I'd expected, at Antwerpen Toyota in Clarksville, MD.

The check engine light came on on the way home so I took it right back. The dealer did the 12/3 service bulletin procedure to break in the exhaust system and everything was fine when I picked it up on Tuesday.

Today was my first free day for checking everything out and impressing the neighbors. Mostly I impressed myself, of course. I've been an avid lurker here and in the Yahoo 2004-Prius group for a while, so there were no big surprises, but driving it is even more fun than I'd expected.

Rain, sleet, and freezing snow forecast for tomorrow, though, so it will probably rest in the garage for a day.

- John
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