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The Rav4EV were merely put to market USA in CA so each manufacturer
who produced and marketed the EV were given "Great Tax Incentives"
to those manufacturers that invest or lost a quantative money propagating these _Non-Money_makers_
Toyota had to comply with just a few hundread units.

Either a lease or purchase to the end consumers. I have myself sold or leased a dozen or so of the Rav4EV. The consumers were getting over $30K ? of tax credit or rebate over the 36 months do not remember clearly if you leased or financed the Rav4EV's.

OK it came back to me, If you were to finance the RAV4 EV's you got the Tax Credit. Leased vehicles were not qualified. Also the "Quota" of the Rav4 EV for Toyota marque, were mere 200 units then Toyota were given full "Corporate Tax Break" Therefore no need to continue selling those vehicles.
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