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Hey, what ever happened to the Yahoo Prius Club? Did it truly migrate to the groups site? When I search the Groups site for Prius the migrated clubs board seems to be missing...


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The first group I found was this:
It had among it's members the Toyota Prius North American Program Director (Priusman) and a Prius Design Engineer (EE_of_EE). The site was migrated to yahoo groups last week, and seems to have disappeared. Or at least I can't find it! Anyone have a link?


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Got a form letter back from Yahoo! here 'tis:

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Groups.

We realize that your club has been unavailable for longer than expected.
Currently, clubs that are being migrated cannot be accessed until they
are completed. Your newly migrated group should be available within the
next day or so. We thank you for your patience during this migration
If your club has already been migrated to groups, but is missing some
data, please reply with the following information.

1. The exact name of the group (e.g. stamp_collectors). Keep in mind
that group names make up the first part of the group email address (e.g.
[email protected]) and can only contain letters, numbers,
dashes ( - ), and/or underscores ( _ ). Group names cannot contain
spaces or punctuation.

2. What part of the group is missing data? e.g. Photos

3. Was this data actually in your club before it was migrated?

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


Yahoo! Customer Care


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The "Club" has been migrated. Took about a month...


Neither ee_of_ee nor Priusman have been on for a long time. Dave Hermance (don't remember which he was) is no longer on the Prius project so... don't expect any posts.

Also, be warned that the site seems to have gone moderatorless, as there's a bunch of posts for porn sites there, and Troy is about...

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