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I read a lot about not being able to change destination on the NAV system and the "safety lockouts" On a 2006 would you purchase the NAV option or save money and install something like the Pioner NC3.. or something similar which not only gives NAV but also plays DVDs?

If you go with the NAV.. is there a way to connect an Ipod video.. to show video and control on the MFD. I read about the Coastal unit.. but not sure if it is shipping.. etc?

I have a Garmin Quest small GPS unit now and am very used to looking up destinations while driving, changing destinations to searched locations.. etc. Can not imagine having to pull over and look all that up every time you want to make a change.

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"I read a lot about not being able to change destination on the NAV system and the "safety lockouts" "
It's true. You cannot manually enter or alter destinations to the OEM Nav unit in the Prius while driving. I probably wouldn't try it if I could but Occasionally it would be nice if my front seat passenger could.
* If you're happy with your portable GPS, stay with it. The Prius system is NOT cheap.
The big advantage (for me) in the OEM system is the large screen that shows me where I am at any given time with just a glance, day or night.
In some circumstances the "Voice Guidance" is handy so you can concentrate on driving. It also has input "Voice Commands" (once you learn what to say.)

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There is actually quite a lot that you can do with the NAV unit while driving. What you can’t do is enter an address or name of a business etc. while driving and have it search for it. However you can set up before starting your drive 5 quick access destinations and an additional one set to your home destination. You can also have it show the icons on the screen of, for example, gas stations and route to one of them. You don’t have to stop in those cases. Let me give a real world example. I have a 42-mile commute and was heading home. Here is what happened and what I did:

1. At beginning of my drive home I told the NAV lady “Go Home”. I know how to get home, but I like to keep track of my progress.
2. The NAV lady asks me “Add destination or Replace destination”. I respond with “Replace destination” The NAV system set up the complete navigation for the route home. That is automatic when driving.
3. Part way into the drive my gas gauge starts blinking. I knew I was getting low. So now I need to think about getting some gas. I have my favorite gas station.
4. I tell the NAV lady “Quick access five”. Quick access five is the destination of my favorite gas station. (Meaning cheaper gas prices than most gas stations).
5. The NAV lady asks me “Add destination or Replace destination”.
6. I respond with “Add destination”. The NAV lady sets the destination to the gas station and inserts it as an intermediate stop on my way home.
7. The only problem that worries me a little is that the gas station was still 22 miles away. That is probably okay but I did not want to take any chances because for the last fill up I did not fill the tank as much as I usually do. So I decided to find a gas station closer to my current location. Keep in mind that I am still driving and not stopping to enter anything into the NAV unit. So far this has all been via verbal commands.
8. I tell the NAV lady “Gas Stations” and the gas station icons pop up on the NAV screen. I wanted to find one a little further ahead but did not see any at the current magnification (700ft).
9. I tell the NAV lady “Zoom out” twice. After doing that there was a cluster of gas stations a few miles ahead next to the freeway.
10. At this point I touch the screen on the cluster of gas stations. This centers the gas stations on the screen. But at the current magnification they were all bunched together. So I ask the NAV lady to “Zoom in” three times to get a closer look at the gas station cluster.
11. At the higher magnification I could clearly see that one of them was a Shell station. So I touched the screen on the Shell icon. Doing that now gives me the option on the bottom of the screen to set that as a destination. I touch the destination button and the NAV unit adds the gas station as one of my destinations.
12. So I went and got my gas and proceed on my way home. At this point I remembered that I still had my favorite gas station as a destination, which I did not need anymore.
13. So I told the NAV lady “delete next destination”. The NAV lady asked me to confirm the delete. I responded “Yes” and the destination was deleted. Only home was left.

The point is that there is quite a lot you can do. You just have to be a little creative. You can always pick emergency destinations such as hospitals or police stations. They are never disabled.

Personally I think it is dangerous for a driver to do searches for places while driving. I had a Garmin Street Pilot III and yes you could enter address and search for places while driving, but only if you went in and set the override on the setup screen. I would never use that feature when by myself. Even if I have a passenger it is dangerous if you have to tell them what buttons to push.
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