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Besides the obvious (power seats, MP3, interior upgrades, etc.)

1. Change holder.
If you put coins in the front foldng cup holder, you may have to take it apart before you can open it again. (easy to do)

2. Lockable compartment(s) for valet purposes.

3. pedestrian beeper.
People congregating around a parked car tend not to move until they hear an engine start. If I could figure out the wiring diagram, I'd like to put a small speaker under the grill and use a switch to talk through the overhead microphone ("Well excuuuse mee!")

4. Premium subwoofer in the hidden compartment (which I already installed)

5. Passenger operated control panel (for phone & navigation) perhaps activated via the passenger seat-belt detector.

6. True daylight sensor for auto headlights (I hear that's in the works).

And a bunch of things that I haven't thought of that will inevitably appear in future models. :)



Never let anything mechanical know you're in a hurry.
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