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I am posting this "Review" in hopes that Toyota will hear my opinion about the interior of the recent Prius models.

My 2009 Prius is starting to show some age, primarily a few door dings and the clear coat of the spoiler is hazy. The vinyl dash is a finger print magnet but has held up well. The leather seats still look new. Most people think it is much younger than its 10 year age.

Each new model year, I have gone to my favorite dealer to see and sit in the Prius and Prius C models. Call me a Prius fanboy, it won't hurt my feelings. Now, I am sure there are folks that love that white plastic accent in the Prius and Prius C, or at a minimum can live with it. It does have a "futuristic" feeling, but to me it does not give me a feeling commensurate with the price of the full size Prius, and makes a Prius C feel like the low entry price vehicle it is.

There, I've said my piece. I have loved every Prius generation, and I love this year's (but I have to take off one star for that white plastic thing.)
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