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OK, I just went from the "have nots" to the "haves"!! :D

Just picked up my #9 Salsa Red baby! Toyota Town of Stockton, and specifically Marcus Allen, came thru big. Carlos Blizzard was also quite helpful; never met an Asif. Even though just last week they thought it would be 2.5 - 3.5 months, they called late last night to say it was in. Going for the least popular color, red (I don't know why), helped. And then a few people passed on it -- out of town, package #, wait for an '05; whatever. Don't care, it is mine now.

And yes, it really was the easiest car purchase ever (OK the car I bought from my Mom was easier, but for a dealership purchase...). It was by far easier than the last several cars. No push for useless paint protection, fabric, door trim, etc. Not a penny over MSRP (that is good with this car). And the closing costs were very reasonable, no padded doc fees or anything. We were in and out in about an hour, even though we showed up about 3 hours earlier than agreed -- so the car was not quite ready for us. The few dealer installed options were ready and waiting. The car had less than 2 miles on it.

And we financed it thru them. I had planned to do it thru work, I work for a lender, but since they called late on Saturday night -- I couldn't get a check till tomorrow. I didn't want to wait. So I pay $8 more a month -- ehhh; I will save that in gas. And I didn't even want to ask about holding it till tomorrow night.

There were only two minor hiccups. One, they do not offer Lojack since the police in the area do not have the equipment -- minor. And two, one of the idiots who passed on it, stole the damn owner's manual! They have one on order for me, but it will take about 2 weeks.

What is the specified break in. Not looking for what people have done, or what their dealer said or (no offence) what you think it should be -- I want to know what Toyota says, exactly what they say. Even if they say something specific for the brakes to be bedded in.

I know there was talk of someone scanning in a manual, did anyone ever do it?

My only bad observations after driving it longer than 3 miles.
1) the seats suck
2) the vageness of the controls will take a little getting used to; but not horrible

Spike << would really have no qualms about recommending Toyota Town, what you read is true. If our next car is a Toyota, and it likely will be, even though they are about an hour away, and I have probly 6 Toyota dealers closer, we will certainly go to Toyota Town, and ask for Marcus

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Congratulations, Spike. I will be picking up my Red #9 in 12 more days. And no, I didn't take the manual!

It is in the Prius-NE group on Yahoo if you don't mind no Table of Contents and Chapter 20 looks way too much like Chapter 19.

Chapter 18 has this to say about the Break-In Period:
Break-in period
Drive gently and avoid high speeds.
Your vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But following a few simple tips for the first 1000 km (600 miles)
can add to the future economy and long life of your vehicle:
- Avoid full-throttle acceleration when starting and driving.
- Avoid racing the hybrid engine.
- Try to avoid hard stops during the first 300 km (200 miles).

I quoted Toyota directly because you asked for the official words, not because I want Toyota to lose money,
and certainly not to help someone build their own Prius based on this information,
which is (rather) freely available.

John1701a may have more information - make sure it pertains to the 2004 model.
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