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Well, I have noticed a few of the regulars from the clubs have signed up for accounts here... why don't we all let each other know who is over here in this thread.

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This is Mitch Ivey signing in. A Minnesotan with a September 2000 delivery white Prius. Love my car, love the on-line Prius community (everyone except Troy). Three cheers for Jeff's new site (not an advertising supported service).
Who? Me???

As for flashing ads, I could "ad" one to my sig if y'all start to miss them. :)


Hey, you guys want a tiny wireless video camera? I don't have any tiny wireless video cameras but I know where to get tiny wireless video cameras.

Sam Williams
Acton, MA
2001 Aqua Prion since Sept 1, 2000
18,000 joyful, problem-free miles.

single-CD player (self-installed)
seat covers
engine run indicator
remote trunk release
remote control cruise control
Wright's custom armrest
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Another thanks to Jeff for setting up this site.

As my sig shows, I am in Portland, OR. My Aqua was delivered Nov. 9, 2001, after a 5 1/2 month wait from original order. I didn't wait for the 2002's to become available, but swithed mine to a 2002 to get the SABs, DRLs, and most of the other new options (all except the 6CD and NAV).

It passed 2500 miles last week. I haven't compiled lifetime MPG, but this last tank, with just over 350 miles, is right at 40. This is better than the previous tanks. The improvement is partly due to warmer weather and partly due to a few slightly longer trips, IMHO. Probably some breakin effect, too.

My economy will be low due to my commute, which is only 3 miles each way. Two days a week, I add some miles in the evening to make it from the Tigard/Tualitin area into SE Portland to volunteer at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), which is where I first learned of the Prius.

Economy will improve dramatically, I expect, when the electric pickup gets into service. I'm still equalizing the batteries by slowly and gently charging each of the 30 Optimal Yellow Tops. I also purchased a PFC20 charger from Rich Rudman of Manzanita Micro in Kingston, WA (whom some of you are aware of). I'm almost done with the battery conditioning, and seem to have only one questiionable battery, and will soon get the pack back together and take care of a couple minor details on the truck, hopefully.

Once the electric Datsun is in service, it will be my main commuter. Hopefully, this will include the trips to OMSI, where I hope to be able to display it somewhat regularly and thereby hype both pure EVs and hybrids.

Sorry for the lengthy post and the slightly OT drift, but I hope you like hearing that some of us are getting into a more "green" mode. My intent is to do what little I can along these lines. Getting the Prius for longer journeys and without the delay and effort required by my relatively low-budget EV effort has helped my initial foray. Once the Datsun is in use, my wife Vera can use the Prius more and we should be even a yet greener family.

BTW, our local power company, Portland General Electric, is just now making more green power options available. Finally there are a couple that look good enough to consider. This is one area that I haven't gotten too far along on, but I will soon.

Thanks again, Jeff. And a big cheer of appreciation to all who have made the Prius lists useful, and to those on the EV list, some of whom are on both. Here's to a long, successful, green future!

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Thanks for the add free site, Jeff. Also, I like the feature that shows a post and all the replies with a single click. I don't know how many times I missed a reply over on the tiny wireless video camera Prius group.

Ed Davis
Boise, ID
2002 Super White since 12/18/01
DRL, Side Air Bags, Cruise, Single CD
Idaho vanity plates "50 MPG" but my best tank so far has been 42 MPG. Hoping for a 50 MPG tank this spring.
Thanks Jeff. Here's to a healthy, slealthy and wise board.
Sorry, that should have been: Here's to a healthy, stealthy and wise board.
A big thanks to Jeff, and "Hi" to everyone else who signed up!

My '02 Brilliant Blue ("Titania") arrived on 14 January, 2002. It took under three months from order to delivery, but the wait was worth it. At this point, I barely have 1600 km on her, with no complaints (other than my wife politely suggesting that I should drive her Ford Tortoise, so she can drive my Prius).

I bought my Prius to reduce air pollution. Until now I was a regular reader of the Yahoo Prius forum, but the "eye pollution" has become intolerable. Now, we've finally got an SULEV web-site! Thanks, again...

Steve Robinson
Maple Ridge, BC
I just signed up!

I have a 2001 Silver Strata Metallic that just hit 13000 miles this weekend and am just days away from 6 months of ownership!

It's good to see people coming on board!

Nice to see another site for the Prius up.
Congrats Jeff, and welcome to the wonderful world of Prius.

If there are any interested parties out there who would also like to log on to another website for some friendly chatter and information about the Prius, come on in and say howdy at:

The atmosphere is informal and not necessarily so tech headed. ;)
Barbara Young, here. 2002 Brilliant Blue Pearl ("Pearl") in western Chicago suburbs. I'm absolutely in love with my car.

Thanks for this site. I can't get enough Prius info!

I am here!


and I will add this site's link to the LINKS are of my Prius area!!
I am here!

'01 Super White in St Petersburg FL here -
Nice interface - esp. appreciate the LACK of advertising <g>

aka 'tursiopsfl'
Hi Everybody!

Dropped by after spotting PriusOnline information in the Yahoo group. No pop-ups here - thank you!!!

I ordered my 2001 Silver Strata on April 15th, 2001, picked it up on July 31st and have bee delighted with the car ever since. The one problem I've had to date has been a flat front right tire from running over a wood screw (?!).

Lifetime average so far is just under 45 mpg, though my best single-tank record stands at 543 miles for 11.2 gallons (this was back during a very hot August in 2001). I'm hoping to top even this when summer returns, now that the break-in period is behind me.

Just out of curiosity, what was the deciding factor for all of you? What finally tipped the scales in favor of Prius? I'll be delighted to tune in later for your postings.
>What finally tipped the scales in favor of Prius?<
The fact that the Prius is a SULEV, and being able to drive electric only when the gasoline ICE is not required. Way cool!
Mitch MN USA White 2001
Re: What tipped the scales

1. Technology: regenerative braking, electric motors - way cool.
2. Low emissions.
3. Value. If I'd gone with my second choice car, I would have paid >$10k more than I paid for my Prion.

And I stuck with my decision despite
1. the long wait
2. my wife, who calls it a "weenie" car.

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I could have NAV and not have to have a 30k+ car (OK, it was 25k for the Prius). I can laugh at $1.75 gal gas as the SUV owners complain to the GOV they must do something (I am). I can go almost a whole month on one tank...

and the big thing... won't get lost any more in Dallas/Fort Worth..


(austin, tx)
Claudia Trapp.
'02 Aqua Ice "Lucy Clair" from western suburbs of Chicago.
Ordered in September 01, delivery January 10, 2002.
Having fun driving her.

Glad to have a site that is ad free!
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