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I'll be coming up to 10,000 miles within the next 2 months and am beginning to look for engine air filters (yes, some people still do their own maintenance). I can't seem to find anywhere to purchase these, or any companies that even make them. I hate paying premiums for OEM parts, so buying one from the Toyota dealer is my last resort. Does anyone know where to buy one?

FYI - I found buying a K&N filter on previous cars (or at least any reusable filter) saved me quite a bit of money over the years. If anybody knows of companies that makes these filters for the 2004 Prius, that would also be great. (I don't want lectures on how/if the oil can damage the engine. From my experience, this hasn't been the case with 4-cyl Ford engines that all lasted over 150K miles.)

Thanks for your replies.
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