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A couple of months after getting the software update for my 2013 Prius IV both proximity fobs stopped working, the driver's door sensor stopped working, the low tire light began flashing, a servo motor noise infrequently occurred when I opened the driver's door (I don't really know what that noise does), & the car frequently stopped recognizing the key when I was in the car.

The first time I took the car to the dealer, they felt that the batteries needed to be replaced in the fobs. When replacing the batteries 4 times in each fob didn't fix the problems, they decided that something else was wrong. They kept the car overnight, couldn't find anything wrong once it was connected to the diagnostic computer, & gave it back to me.

It worked fine for 4 days then started the problems again. I promptly took the car back to the dealer. Luckily I have a good dealer. After conferencing with Toyota for 2 days, they determined that the software update didn't correctly install. This caused the power body module (not sure that's the correct name) to malfunction - it had to be replaced. I got the car back 2 weeks later. Fortunately they gave me loaner cars each time.

So if you've got the upgrade & if your car starts acting up, maybe the software update didn't correctly install. Keep pushing your dealer - they can fix it.
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