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I posted this over in Priuschat but for those here who don't go there, it's an interesting question I'm trying to wrap my brain around. Something for the enviromental fanatics. ;)

Yes, I know, buy the darn Prius now! However, I have the two vehicles listed below (trying to sell the RX-7 - any takers ;) ) and really must sell one before getting the Prius. I have someone who wants to buy the anti-Prius, but I really want to keep it for a while longer - I usually keep my vehicles for 10 years or so.

So, is it environmentally responsible to buy a -insert gas gussling non-Prius here- and sell it before you "use it up" - say less than 10 years? Where is the enviro. cost vs benefit crossover, or is there one?

My thinking is if everyone bought a new vehicle and then got rid of it after say 3-5 years that would be harder on the environment than the benefit gained if they all switched to a Prius.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to calculate the environmental cost.
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