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What Was Your Out The Door Price For Your 2004 Prius??

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What Was Your Out The Door Price For Your 2004 Prius??

Hello! just trying to find out what everybody paid for as their ot the door price for your 2004 Prius.. This means it includes tax and licensing.. Also say what state you live in and what package # did you get as well if the Toyota dealer gave you extras for the price you paid..
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Since I haven't gotten it yet, I'd rather not post the written quote, (jinx fears) but I ordered it way back when you could actually get a little les that MSRP for an option 9
I dont have the car yet but the best deal I could find was MSRP + free floor mats.
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Almost all dealerships are charging MSRP. Very few will deal on the price.
About half will throw in free door mats. I was able to get $300 off the MSRP. This was the only dealership that would talk price. And I went to four different dealerships. It's hard to get a dealership to bargan on a car that has a six to nine month wait. If you order a car now it will be a 2005 model. And you may not get your car until 2005.

Just remember. The waiting list gets longer every time the price of gas goes up.

Some dealerships waiting list are are approaching 1 year.

Some dealerships are accepting orders for the new Hybrid Highlander.
The highlander is suppose to go into production in early 2005.
I paid $25379.96 for a Tideland #7 with the 4 piece mat set in North Florida. This is the out-the-door price. Picked it up yesterday and in love with it already!

BTW, my dealer rep said that the list at their dealership is now 45 long and they are not accepting any more deposits but just adding people to the list. I put my money down on Christmas Eve.
MSRP - $300 + $184 for floor mats, with no dealer add-ons. It was delivered just six short months. Woo-hoo! (But I do feel sorry for the salesperson, who apparently was fired a few weeks after signing the agreement.)
I didn't really try to bargain with them - I'm going to pay the MSRP.

Although there is one dealer in my area who is taking bids rather than giving cars to people who have been waiting.
I paid 22998.00 before taxes this was for a millenium silver with package #7, floor mats, cargo mat and cargo net.
I live in St Louis but purchased over ebay from a dealership in Memphis. The salesman was great he met me halfway for delivery so I did not have to drive the whole distance. I got mine on Jan 26 04 after the dealership here told me I was 10th on the list and it would be 6-8 months.
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