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bradca21 said:
I believe I also saw on here, though I don't remember if it was validated by anyone, that you should only TOW THE PRIUS in certain ways or it can effect something....
The Prius should only be towed with the front wheels off the ground. If it's an emergency, you can tow it a short distance with a tow rope, but you must go very slowly (I think they suggested not exceeding 30 MPH). Obviously, if you're towing with the front wheels on the ground, it must be in Neutral, which might require you to refer to the user guide if there's something wrong with the vehicles computers.

Note that there's no guarantee that something bad will happen if you don't follow these guidelines, just a small chance. The chance is larger if you're towing because something is broken. Also note that it's fine to "tow" it through an automatic car wash (in N) with the wheels on the ground.
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