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:?: Does the European car have "goodies" that we do not have?

I have a question for you bright folks. I was looking at the brightness "wheel" to the left of the steering wheel (underneath-- kind of) and I saw another rectangular "space"-- already "cut out" right next to it. You see that in a lot of cars where they leave a space for cool options that you did not get with your particular car.

Well, then I was under the steering wheel looking at the SE/SS button-- and I found 3 (three) more of those rectangular "cut-outs"-- just waiting to be used for SOMETHING!

Is that where they might put the EV button on the European cars-- perhaps? But 4 cut-outs! What are we missing? (Better yet-- what cool things is Toyota planning to include-- that they already know about-- for the next stage of Prius cars? Any ideas from you smart folks?

Thanks for your creative insight.
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