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Today celebrates month SEVEN of my new Prius (my first, and clearly coolest new car EVER) as well as this particular post being my 100th.
I congratulate the moderators on this board, and all who have a Prius for the part they are doing to make both this board and the environment a happier place.

John1701, MRV, BIF and so many others, thank you for your selfless knowledge dumps that help out all of us whether we need to know what's in an option package, OR exactly how many watts of energy are generated if you slow from 75-25mph over the course of 3.7 seconds (oh please, I know someone's asked something similar before, just play along! And if you know the answer to that Q... KIDDING)

All the moderators especially Brian, always a pleasure to talk with you and I hope we can get together and do a little mini-meet before I move.

I see so many classic, and almost as many 2nd Gen Prii on the streets of So Cal, and I always wonder how many of them are guys like you that I have discussions with all the time.

I propose over this next year, that as much knowledge as we dump about our cars whenever we get a funny look or a "what the...?" that we also come up with some way to make sure that all CURRENT Prius owners know about this site. This is truly a board where I can say, that more is DEFINITELY merrier.

Thank you all so much for indulging my sarcasm, answering my Q's and in general just being amazing people. I may have my differing viewpoints (I will NEVER understand the need to plaster a car in stickers, advertising the perks or not) but in the long run we are ALL a big family doing our part to make sure SMOG IS NOT "THE NORM"

God Bless you all and I look forward to hundreds more posts and months and years to come!!
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