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Another big "Thanks!" to Jeff!

Also a preliminary "Thanks!" to all participants. I've been monitoring and using the Prius and EV lists to good effect for me.

Aside from my 3 1/2-month-old Prius, I've been working on the batteries in my '82 Datsun electic PU I bought used late in October. I've been taking it carefully and slowly, but am getting excited to experience more EV grins. I did get to drive it the 10 miles home, but have found that the batteries really needed some attention.

However, it looks like most (all but one, I think) are useable. Even that one may come around with some careful cycling and equalizing. I now have my PFC20. I used some EV Warrior 24V 5A chargers for most of the carging, but the last or so are being finished on the PFC20.

I'm also working on a load tester. The first test has been done. I'm using a PIC12C671 to run a standard, intermittent-duty, Ford starter relay at about 1/3 duty cycle. I bought some motor braking resistors that were supposed to be 0.1105 ohm, but seem to be nearer 0.3-something. I only measured 38.5A at 12.1V or so. It took about one hour to bring the first victim (one of the 30 YTs) to 10V. The relay, at, least was only slightly a little warm after a hour of continuous use, so I'm happy with that part. I think I'll parallel two of the Rs to get closer to 80A initial load.

I need to finish the software to automatically terminate the test and report the result. I want an really simple unit, so my intent is to have it blink out the time on an LED.

When I'm all done, I'll reassemble the pack with each buddy set balanced with the others. BTW, the pack is a 3 by 10, 120V, buddy-triplet pack. The PU uses a DCP Raptor 1200 and a 9" Warfield motor. From my initial, gentle delivery drive, I'll have no shortage of power. My goal is to have each triplet of batteries have the same capacity as the others. Each pack will have a Rudman Mk2 regulator with 1.5 ohm bypass, as I now see it.

To get it going, I'll use the PFC20 externally, via the grill-mounter Anderson connector the original converter provided. Once I get the regulators installed and all checked out, I want to mount the PFC on-board. I have some ideas of the physical mounting I'd like, which I'd like to have also supprt a spare tire.

Anyway, enough of this rambling. That's where I'm at now. Any helpful advice will always be appreciated.

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