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Welcome to the Prius Discussion Form. This form is for owners and potential owners to post information and questions about the Toyota Pruis.

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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the welcome. I got my Prius about a month ago, but have been following the groups for about a year. Like you, I waited for the '02s before ordering. Mine just took a little longer to get here. Good luck with the new site.

I hope this site works out well. The Yahoo ads get more obnoxious by the day.

I bought Pikachu Sept. 29, 2000. He's got over 31K miles, with 44 lifetime miles per gallon. Still running flawlessly.

So what's in a name? A Pikachu is a Japanese electric mouse (according to the Pokemon dictionary).

I too am glad to see the birth of this new board. The Yahoo site was long overdue for replacement. As Bob has mentioned, the excessive advertisements on this forum make it a pain to use. I hope this board becomes the defacto Prius site.

My Prius was ordered the day after 2002 orders were allowed, and received it in October. It now has a 4,500 miles on it--all of it during what has become a very mild winter in central Indiana. I have never driven it in snow!

Good luck.........................
kudos, Jeff, on setting up this facility!

'twill be interesting to see how, where it goes.

(one of Theo Geisel's particularly inspirational works might provide
(a fine thematic "road map"
( <>

jim & Silver Sadie are 10-8, 10-10.

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Greetings Jeff,
Happy to add my thanks to that of others for this site and your welcome to it. Lot of work on your part to bring it to life and make it grow. It is appreciated.

My Prius is coming up on its first birthday and 15,000 miles on the 9th of March. Aside from Potenza tire problems which 42/40 and alignment seem to have lessened somewhat, I have had no problems at all. Just enjoyment of technology that has waited way too long to be brought together.

Lifetime mileage at 44 under a somewhat heavy foot.
What a nice forum....

It is, really.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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