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I just brought home my 04 Prius from the dealer and nearly destroyed it...
I had not yet programmed the homelink so, I just opened the garage door with the romote that is normally keep in my old car.
As I was slowly pulling into the garage, the door started closing by itself.
I have the BC option which is probably sending out all kinds of stuff.
I'm going to keep this puppy outside until we get all our signals straight.

BTW, I ordered this car in "whatever color I could get". When the dealer said "Tideland Pearl", I was expecting something in the "light green family", as depicted on the website and brochure.
Wrong!!! "Tideland" is Japanese for "Dark gray with a very slight tint of green under certain lighting conditions".

I had the dealer tint the rear upper window to match the lower one and had the interior treated to help preserve the light colored fabric.

Still haven't gotten the "homelink" to work. May have to replace the Sears garage door opener.


Maintenance Free: unfixable when broken.
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