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Warranty issues - ?

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I have been a long time reader of the site, and just registered due to some recent questions.

My wife and I are proud owners of a 2005 Prius (now with almost 12K miles on it, about a year old), and love it.

Previously, my parents purchased a 2002 Prius from the same dealer who we purchased our. They also have a 2002 Camry from the dealer, and have been quite please with service up until now. The 2002 prius has over 80K miles on it now.

On Thursday my parents Prius has a orange triangle and a check engine light come up on it. The vehicle still turned on and drove, so Friday morning they took it to the dealership we use. The diagnosed problem was the Inverter cooling pump had failed. Unfortunately my dad did not remember they had the extended warranty, and told them "no" on that question Friday morning. I know for a fact when they purchased the vehicle, they bought the 7 year 100K extended warranty, I was part of the purchase process. My parents authorized the repair, and on Saturday when they went to pick it up, informed the dealer of the warranty.

The dealer stated that they could not verify warranties on the weekend, and they would have to wait until Monday to see if the warranty verified. Now the dealer is trying to say that they only had the 75K warranty. Does any one know of a way to verify this out side of the dealership?

Also it seems quite odd that an inverter cooling pump would not be covered by the 8 year 100K hybrid subsystem warranty. Can any one fill me in on this.

This experience, combined with the dealer service department not knowing that all 2005 Prius have tire road hazard on them is making me consider buying our next hybrid in Pheonix. My wife and I are looking forward to a hybrid mini-van in the next 3-4 years.

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unfortunately, only the inverter, battery, battery ECU and HV ECU are covered under the 8yr/100K warranty.

The inverter coolant pump would only be covered 3yrs/36K. Another arguement for getting the extended warranty.

FYI, I believe the heat storage pump is also under the 3/36 warranty, though one might argue that it is part of the emissions system and should be covered under the 8/80 emissions warranty.

If you know the company that underwrited the warranty, try calling them. Unless you are in the south east territory, that should be Toyota in which case you can call Toyota HQ and find out.
Or if you can find your contract paperwork, show it to the dealer.
There is a number in the Owners Manual for Toyota Prius help call them! If you have a Toyota extended Warrenty they should know.
Ok, Thanks for clearing up the 8 year 100K mile part.

I will dig up the info to call toyota (it is a toyota platnium warranty). The Vehicle is physically at the dealer, so getting to the paperwork is hard for me to do.
If there is not a Toyota dealer near you, or you need emergency assistance for any reason, please call the following number:
 U.S. OWNERS: Toyota Customer Assistance Center Toll–free:1–800–331–4331
 CANADIAN OWNERS: Toyota Canada Customer Interaction Center Toll–free:1–888–TOYOTA–8 (1–888–869–6828)


My dad got in touch with Toyota, and found out the problem... The dealer messed up when the warranty was purchased. The code for a 75K warranty was put in, but the document said 100K. The computer was of course reporting a 75K warranty. When they pulled up the scan of the signed document, it listed 100K.

Toyota is reissuing the warranty, and that should be done tomorrow, they are also covering a TRAC rental car. If any cost difference exists in the warranties, the dealer will be held responsible. I don't think that will be true, as we were charged the rate for a 100K, they just typo-ed the code for the warranty.

Thanks for the help, and the explanation of the 8 year, 100K hybrid warranty.

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US 2002 Prius Owner's Warranty Information booklet:

I'm reading from my US 2001 booklet (page 8), though, but should be fairly similar to the 2002 booklet listed above:

"Hybrid Vehicle System Warranty
This warranty covers repairs needed to correct defects in materials or workmanship of the components listed here and supplied by Toyota, subject to the exceptions indicated under "What Is Not Covered" on pages 10-11:
* Battery control module
* Hybrid control module
* Hybrid vehicle battery pack
* Inverter with converter
Coverage is for 96 months or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first"

If you have the Toyota Extra Care Platinum Plan from not a Southeast or Gulf States Toyota region, it should look a lot like this:

Toyota Claims is 1-800-228-8559
8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time, Monday - Friday.
Or Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Central Time.

(and your story of getting the wrong plan issued (7/75 or 6/100, instead of the 7/100) isn't new, just that this is the first time that someone has reported being stuck with warranty work because of the mixup! It took 2 reissues to get my husband's policy for his 2004 right... Let this be a lesson to all to make sure that you get all your paperwork (like the actual policy), and that it is for what you had actually purchased!)
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