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Warning Lights

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When I started my Prius yesterday morning the following indicator lights appeared:


(Battery Image)

(Car Outline with an exclamation mark)

According to the manual, this means that there is a problem with the power steering and the hybrid battery, and possibly other elements of the hybrid system. There was no performance problem apparent in driving the car. I had checked the oil prior to starting and noticed that the dip stick was hard to remove, but the oil level is not low.

I have made an appointment for service at the dealer. Can anyone offer an explanation of what is wrong and how serious this may or may not be? Thanks for any advice.
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I checked my post and the descriptions of the warning lights is not correct. Three warning lights displayed:


(Image of a battery with the word "Main" underneath)

(Outline of a vehicle with an exclamation mark)
That display can be misleading. Although all three symbols are always displayed, they don't all necessarily apply. The one(s) that apply are
highlighted with a colored background. Are the symbols still appearing?
If so, which one(s) are highlighted?

If the car still drives fine, it might have been a transient problem. The computers may or may not have a code stored which your dealer can read with their scanner. Another possibility is a loose gas cap, so make sure yours is tight.

Let us know what (if anything) the dealer finds out.
Thank you for the feedback. I will post another reply when I get information from the dealer on this.
I guess I didn't answer your question. There are no additional symbols highlighted. I am out of town right now and can't check the display, but as I recall only the symbol with the car and the exclamation point was highlighted. I'll also check the gas cap when I return. Thanks again.
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