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I've been wondering about the glass
properties too. Is it just the
front windshield, or all the windows?
Will you get the same or better
glass should you need to replace a
window thanks to a rock/fracture/accident?

If anyone is able to get some of
the Prius' windowglass, say after
an accident (don't go smashing any
windows!), if it's bigger than about
a 1/2" diameter (tad smaller than a
US dime) or smaller than about 7"
diameter, I should be able to fit it
into a spectrophotometer at work.
I can scan from about 0.190u (UV)
out to around 50u (far IR) if I had
a sample...

I do have stock glass, UV and IR
quartz, and optical sapphire to
compare it to.
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