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Valentine One half installed...

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While I was installing the CD player I decided to start the process of hardwiring my Valentine One. I patched into the cigarette lighter (or is it an Aux Power Outlet now!) and was glad that Toyota used the old standard of using a striped wire for ground.

I then pryed off the A pillar trim piece on the passenger side (almost happy I didn't have to route the cable around an airbag like in my truck!). I was able to feed the RJ11 cable down the side of the passenger console until I could reach it from the open glovebox. From there I was able to feed it down to the passenger footwell near the center of the car. I then had enough slack to feed it through to the driver's footwell behind the trim piece I removed for the CD installation. Here's where I mounted the dual RJ11 power connection.

I then mounted the main unit in the upper righthand side of the windshield. Note that you don't want it to have any visibility of the main display because it sets off the laser detector (just like a Chevy Trailblazer's brake lights!). I then stuffed the RJ11 into the headliner until I got to the A pillar and replaced the trim.

I started the process of installing the remote display but I'm waiting on input from my wife first. I did run the RJ11 down to the driver's footwell by putting the steering wheel tilt setting all the way down. For now the remote volume and remote display are just sitting above the steering wheel on a short tether. I'll see if my wife wants them there or back a bit. Then I get to see if I want to cheat and use Velcro brand hook and loop attachment or try to fashion a custom bracket and cut through the dash.
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All done...

The remote volume and speaker wasn't a big hit. I used some doublestick tape to attach the remote display to the steering column. Looks much better than the install in my truck, having the gauges in the center does have some advantages.
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