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If some of you in VA are having trouble getting a Prius inside of 9 months, I would suggest going to VA Beach. Tons of Toyota dealerships, and the military demographic is not that interested in buying hybrids (and I was in the military demographic, trust me).

To wit, I got a black 2004 Prius with every option in 3 and a half weeks(!) back in May. Charles Barker Toyota is where I got it. My salesman's name was Scott---great guy. They had an almost nonexistent waiting list, and everybody on it was from Richmond or DC. I just got my 5000 mile service on it today and I love it. I'll never get a straight gas car again.

I don't check this board that much, but wanted to give credit to a fantastic buying experience (the first new car I ever bought!). They told me it would take 3 months but they also said they consistently promise the absolute worst case scenario for delivery.
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