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using mp3 player (like an Ipaq) via Bluetooth on Prius

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Sorry but I cannot seem to find if this question has been answered before, seems like a popular question:

If I have an IPaq (or any PDA) with bluetooth, can I play music from the PDA through the car's stereo via a bluetooth connection?

Seems simple, either it is possible or not. Has anyone accomplished this or know how to?

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Bluetooth MP3 Player

That would be an interesting idea to try. I have an IPAQ 5555 and ill try it as soon I get my prius.
BT MP3 player

You could also probably use the bluetooth manager and try to connect to the prius as a headset. That will probably work.
How what

How would this work? That sounds like a really cool idea!

You could use the Pocket pc as a media player and set up a bluetooth connection with bluetooth manager and pair the car with the PPC. If setup works then try to play music(the ppc would think its playing it through a bluetooth headset)with a media player. I hope this works b/c i want to use this idea with my prius as soon as I get it! :)

Oh yea. I forgot. Don't go on planning getting a new ppc because the sound that might be coming out of the stereo (if any) might be mono. At least I think It might be.
I just burn mp3's onto a cd and play them. fits about 200
Yes, the sound would be mono - and the car would probably think you are on the phone. Bluetooth cuts out the audio system and pushes sound out of the one door speaker. Good idea, but not too practical. I suppose thats why they supplied us with one of those tape-adapter-adapters. (like any of us would use it as a tape player). heh...
Roger said:
I just burn mp3's onto a cd and play them. fits about 200
That would be great if the CD in my Prius player would support that, but alas , it doesn't.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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