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Re: Gasahol

Way back in the '70s, around the time of the Arab oil embargos, Denver marketed gasahol for awhile. There were some problems encountered by those that tried it, mostly related to the alcohol attacking rubber hoses, desolving rusty sludge in the fuel tank, etc. Of course, cars had carburetors back then, and fuel filters weren't as efficient at removing gunk.

Anyway, as I recall, the alcohol dissolved some already age-weakened rubber fuel lines causing leaks, and the crud at the bottom of old gas tanks was put back into solution and clogged fuel filters and carburetor jets. I suspect that modern cars have overcome these problems by now.

On another note, gasahol didn't have the same octane rating as the leaded gasoline of the time, and engine knock was a real problem in high compression engines at Denver's altitude. Of course, most cars had V8s at the time, and muscle cars were still in their heyday. Electronic ignition and fuel injection would probably adjust for this today.

In any case, let us know how this fuel works out for you. It might be time to revisit this alternative fuel, now that gas prices are skyrocketing again. It's about $2.06/gallon in Phoenix today and headed up for the upcoming holiday and summer season. What's that for Prius owners, an extra dollar or two per tank -- BRING IT ON!

We need to get some Dr. Phil-type bumper stickers made, directed toward SUV owners: "$3/Gal -- So how's that working for ya?"

Hi Bruce Berry:

___Sorry in advance Bruce for going far OT

___Phoenix, in regards to your SUV bumper sticker and such Do you receive double what I have received in the MDX? has the answer? If not, you may also not be receiving of what I drive as my daily commuter either? The Lux SUV gets driven ~ 10,000 miles per year whereas the Hybrid commuter will get 50,000 +. I would say you might be concerned with $3.00 fuel a bit more then this SUV owner is but who am I to say?

___Sorry for being a troll :(

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
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from page 203 of the 2004 Prius Owner's Manual:

Toyota allows the use of oxygenate
blended gasoline where the oxygenate
content is up to 10% ethanol or 15%
MTBE. If you use gasohol in your
Toyota, be sure that it has an octane
rating no lower than 87.
Toyota does not recommend the use of
gasoline containing methanol."

* Do not use gasohol other than
stated above. It will cause fuel system
damage or vehicle performance
* If drivability problems are encountered
(poor hot starting, vaporizing,
engine knock, etc.), discontinue its
* Take care not to spill gasohol during
refueling. Gasohol may cause
paint damage."

So no, you cannot use E80 as you ask
(or the more common E85), but you
can use up to E10 in your Prius.
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