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Hi, i found a certified used 2001 prius that's just under 36 months, with 45,000 miles from a dealer in long island. I'm leaning towards buying it. the price is good, but, just like an earlier poster, they're trying to stick me with a $2200 extended warranty (i'm assuming its the platinum). which seems to be 500 - 1000 over the MSRP from what the national toyota financial people could tell me over the phone, and from ... prius.html.

From the internet research i've done, it seems like the powertrain is still under warranty for another 2 years/15,000 miles, corrosion for 2 years, and the hybrid system is for another 5 years/50,000 miles or so. are the hybrid computers covered as well?

money is tight, and i would like to not to pay another $50/month, but also don't want to get stuck with a $1000 repair bill a year from now.

Any thoughts would be helpful,

thanks, Brian
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