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Everyone in California who supports hybrid vehicle use of the HOV lanes by driver only occupied vehicles should comment on the legislation again before Thursday, April 29 when Assembly Bill 2628 will be brought to the floor of the Assembly.

It is easy to do by going to and entering Assembly and bill number 2628. Check off support and add a comment if you like.

Letters to your state assemblymember would also be in order, especially since now all of them will have a vote on the bill.

I'd appreciate a quick e-mail note letting me know that you sent either a comment or a letter so that we can gauge our numbers here in CA.

Letters from Prius Clubs will carry more weight, especially from the Bay Area, so please contact me ASAP if you have formed or are forming one so that I can pass on more specific info to you on whom to send letters and copies to.

The Prius Club of San Diego has already written and is on record as supporting the bill.

Assemblymember and bill author Fran Pavley thanks all of us for all the support so far. Lets get it done!

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Hi, Sev.

I live in Florida, and I wish you luck. I thought I'd add to your post by telling everybody here that government officials take heed more to physical "snail-mail" letters than they do to "e-mail."

I heard one time that Federal politicians and their office staffs value a single US-MAIL letter as equal to more than 500 Emails.

You will also have more impact if you are an actual registered voter, with a habit of voting regularly.

So put quill to paper, and don't forget to sign your name.

Even better, pay them a physical visit, or hand-deliver your letter to their office, if possible.

Good luck!

Hey, here are a couple of license plate ideas:


...well, you get the idea!
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