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Updating software

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:oops: It has occured to me that as it is possible with other equipment that uses software to upgrade the software, thus providing up-to-date data management , would "upgrading" also be possible with the Prius.
While the software may not follow the "Microsoft" type convention of being stored on a compact disc (CD), is anyone aware of whether or not it is possible to take the latest software 'blocks' from say an 03 Prius and plugthem in to an earlier models' system board? This would seem to me to be a valuable way of utilising the lastest THS management protocols without investing in the cost of a new car just to keep up to date.
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Prius upgrade

The only mechanism we've been provided by Toyota is complete replacement of a computer module. This has been done for several people under warranty when their Prius' misbehaved, but they don't just do it because you want the latest and greatest. Computer modules are rumored to cost in the neighborhood of $2000 if replaced out-of-warrenty.

It would have been nice to have an easier upgrade path, but there may be legal ramifications on the SULEV status of the vehicle if the software could be changed to unauthorized behavior. Clearly it's possible, but not trivial, to both have an inexpensive official upgrade mechanism and prevent inexpensive unofficial upgrades.

That being said, I don't know the motives of the Toyota engineers, so there may be a different reason why it wasn't designed with an inexpensive upgrade mechanism.
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