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I have complained about potential high cost of repairs on the Prius. Both are still under warranty, so haven't actually had to pay anything yet, BUT have learned that essentially EVERYTHING is negotiable.

One Toyota dealer wanted $600 to install cruise control on the 2001. Another did it for $300. One Toyota dealer quoted $1,700 for the Platinum 100,000 mile warranty. Another quoted $1,100 for the same warranty. (I will do the latter on the 2001 which now has 33,000 miles on it.) If you don't think the extended warranty is needed, I would like to hear from you!

We have now installed two Michellin tires on both the 2001 and 2002. Am becoming convinced that I prefer Michellins. Have had a lot of trouble with the Bridgestones.

LOVE the Nav system on the 2002, but Toyota replaced it with a refurbed one awhile back. Still love our Prius cars. Getting an average 44mpg on both. Now have 22,000 miles on the 2002.

Phyton in Fort Worth, TX
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