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UPDATE 5/13/2005

Attention Hybrid Car Owners
and anyone interested in Hybrid Cars

Sunday July 17, 2005
Milwaukee, WI

Madison Hybrid Group invites you to attend
our 2nd Annual Miller Park Hybrid Car Event!

Have fun meeting, tailgating and talking with hybrid car owners. Ask questions, find answers, show off your car, and, oh, yeah, watch the Brewers take on the Washington D.C. Nationals.

Last year 33 people responded and all the Toyota and Honda hybrid cars
were represented. This year there are some new hybrids to add to the mix and we hope they come, too.

Schedule of Events
Meet at the staging area in Wauwatosa
(Same place as last year. Click link for map.)
11:00 Leave the staging area as a group and take a short drive to Miller Park.
11:15 Enter the “Giants“ Parking Lot as a group. ($6 per vehicle.)
11:15-1:00 Tailgate: Food, conversation and fun. (provide your own food, chairs, etc.)
1:05 Game Time

Cost: $10 per ticket which includes
-One Terrace Reserved seat in our Group's block of seats*
-One FREE hot dog
-One FREE soda
-One entry into our drawing for two FREE tickets to a Monday-Thursday
game. (Non-Cubs)

Payment in full is due no later than June 11th.

To attend please respond via this thread, PM me, or contact me via the email address in my Profile. Please include the number of tickets needed, names of people attending, and the year, model and color of the car you are bringing. Also include where you want the tickets mailed. (Kids age 2 and under, sitting on an adult’s lap, are free.) I reply with the address where to mail the check.

Please help publicize this event any way you can to make the event a success.
I’ve added a poster you can print out and give to hybrid owners. (The poster was updated again 5/13)

Thank you!

A member of MHG has created a temporary webpage for the event that will be updated as new information becomes available. Here’s the link:

*Anyone paying after May 11. Miller Park will not guarantee that your seats will be in the same block as everyone else's However, there were a lot of empty seats around us last year, and given the Brewer's track record, it probably won't be an issue this year either.


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Hello everyone!
There has been an update to the payment instructions.
After checking with Miller Park, we will now need turn in at least part of the money earlier than first reported.

UPDATE 4/19/2005
50% of the money must be turned in by May 11th and is non-refundable. The remaining 50% is due June 11th. (An alternative is to simply pay in one installment May 11th.)

I have updated the original posting to reflect the corrections/changes.

I have uploaded a corrected/new version of the promotional poster. A few additional wording and layout tweaks were made as well as correcting the name of the city where we will have the staging area. (Wauwatosa, not Waukesha.) I also added my mailing address to the poster.

Lastly, a member of MHG has created a temporary webpage for the event that will be updated as new information becomes available. (see the “p.s.” at the end of the original post.)

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O.K. everyone, it’s less than a week until we send in the initial deposit for the Brewers Hybrid Car Event.

We need a head count and at least half the money by next Wednesday, May 11 so that the ballpark will hold our seats.

If you have already committed to coming but have not sent your money, please send it ASAP!

For the rest of you still not sure about coming… c’mon it’s only 10 bucks and it will be fun…I promise.

So far we have Classic Prius, 2G Prius, Accords, Civics, and Insights coming. We are still looking for an Escape or RX 400h, or Highlander to attend. If you have one, or know of someone who is getting one, we encourage you to come and join us!

As always, the more the merrier!

Reply to this thread, PM or email me for the payment instructions (address, etc)

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Madison Hybrid Group sends out a big “Thank you” to the 32 people who have responded so far to the Madison Hybrid Group get-together in Milwaukee.

Because of you, we have over a dozen cars coming and 6 different hybrid models represented.

And we still have room for MORE…

If you are interested in joining the 32 of us please contact me and send payment no later than June 11th. Check the original post for more payment details.

We welcome all car owners to attend.
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