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First, the disclaimer. I have absolutely no financial or economic interest in the following two products. I have used them and they are the best I have found.

I was at a flea market and witnessed a demonstration of Maxa Gloss. According to the label on the bottle it is a Premium wax and cleaner which is non-abrasive and clear coat safe. It is a long lasting carnauba wax formula which repels dust, leaves no powder residue and helps remove swirl marks on the cars finish. It provides long lasting protection from UV sun rays, helps fill in swirls and hairline scratches while creating a smooth-as- glass finish without excessive buffing or rubbing. It safely removes oxidation, bugs, water spots, tree sap, road tar, and bird droppings.

It can be used to clean and shine non-porous surfaces in the house or garage. It can be used on glass, shower walls, cabinets, appliances, counter tops, furniture, plastic and all metals. It can be applied in either the sun or shade with a damp cloth, left to dry for a minute or two and wiped off.

I bought two bottles and I am amazed that this product is so easy to apply, no heavy rubbing and leaves no powdery residue. It is a terrific product, easier and faster to apply than any wax or cleaner I have ever used. I paid $20.00 for two sixteen ounce bottles. You can contact the man I bought it from at [805] 801-3526 or send a check for $27.00 for two bottles (which includes $7,00 for shipping) to Mitoma Company, PO Box 2087, Nipomo CA 93444. The product is sold as satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

The second product is called Bumper Black. I used it on the inside panels of my Prius to clean up finger marks and minor scratches. It also works well on all plastic trim such as bumpers, rubber trim, etc. Unlike Armor-all it does not leave an ugly shiny finish. Again an A+ product.

To find where it is sold in your area contact the company toll free at 1[800] 323-9192 or 1[805] 397-5274. You can also write to The Wax Shop, PO Box 10226, Bakersfield CA 93389-0226. I dont remember how much I paid for the product since I have had it for a long time. It probably was around $5.00 but dont quote me.

Happy Polishing

Arizona Charlie
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