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I hope that flyingpoint ( ... le&u=10220 ) forgives me for posting this private message here... I haven't had the time to catch up on a bunch of old posts, so I have been avoiding priusonline until I do have time...

I am unable to do the review that flyingpoint asks of the Turtle Wax products. I rarely wash my car (let alone wax it!), and as I haven't physically seen my car in the last 2 months, I don't think that I could do the request myself. I hope that I picked the right Priusonline-related forum to ask this question (if I didn't, another moderator please move it for me!).

(and yeah, I know, I probably should sell my 2001 Prius, since I rarely use it, and just rent a car for when I do need one (several rental places just down the street, <.25 miles short walking distance), rather than continuing to pay insurance on it, but... it's just so hard to give it up! (I'd be carless and Prius-less then!))

flyingpoint said:
From: flyingpoint
To: mrv
Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:12 am
Subject: FREE Turtle Wax products for a review on your forum
My name is Melissa Tramantano and I am writing from Flying Point Media, the interactive marketing agency for Turtle Wax®. As part of this year’s online marketing initiative, we are reaching out to forums to get feedback on Turtle Wax’s® new one-of-a-kind line of ICE® Car Care System products. “ICE®” is the only clear polish that wipes off in one easy step, leaving no white residue behind. It can be applied to the entire exterior of the car, while providing an exceptional shine.

Please allow us to send you a complimentary set of ICE® Car Care System products to sample the system. In exchange, we are asking only that you write a review about the Ice® Car Care System and post the review on your forum. For participating you will also receive FREE Turtle Wax® premiums like hats and T-shirts.

Feel free to contact me via my information below, and let me know if you would be interested in this opportunity.

Thank you,

Melissa Tramantano

Melissa Tramantano : Media Coordinator
Flying Point Media Inc.
[email protected]
212.629.4960x119 office
212.629.4967 fax
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