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Turning off voice guidance?

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Is there a way to have the nav system display directions to a destination (and the mileage and time estimate) but not give voice directions? I love having the miles and minutes to destination displayed, but if I know how to get where I am going the voice instructions are annoying. I have not been able to figure out how to turn that off without cancelling guidance entirely.


- Ttam (tideland #9)
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yep, go into the "menu" button and select "volume" (not sure if you need to hit the menu button initially from the map screen or not, but that's where i always seem to come from).

then, there's a scale of #'s and as you push each one, the lady says "guidance will be at this volume". there's also an option to turn her off. be sure to push "ok" after that. it's not a one touch entering like other options sometimes are.

nice thing about this is that that menu is accessible when the car is driving. so, you don't have to do it before you start driving.
Besides the volume #'s 1 to whatever, there's also an "OFF" selection.
page 63 of your 2004 navigation owner's manual. menu > volume > off
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Thanks to all of you for the detailed replies!

- Ttam
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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