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Subaru Develops Turbo Parallel Hybrid

By Ward's Staff, Sep 9 2005

The new system integrates with Subaru's existing technologies, while
improving all-around performance and fuel economy.

Subaru-maker Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. is developing a new hybrid
powertrain technology: the Turbo Parallel Hybrid (TPH).

TPH, which will undergo a test launch in Japan in 2007, uses a compact
10-kW motor generator situated between the vehicle's engine and
automatic transmission to deliver all-around solid performance, while
also attaining improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, the auto
maker says.

Fuji plans to use the new technology in conjunction with its
turbocharged horizontally opposed 4-cyl. engine, which will adopt the
Miller engine cycle, and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. The
result, the auto maker says, will be excellent acceleration and fuel
economy combined with the midrange turbocharged punch characteristic of
its boxer engine.

A motor assist feature also is incorporated into the technology and
boosts engine torque output at low engine speeds.

The auto maker also plans to further improve the TPH system's
performance by equipping it with manganese Lithium-ion batteries, which
are being developed at NEC Lamillion Energy Ltd., a joint venture
between NEC Corp. and Fuji.

The Lithium-ion capacitor enhances energy density while retaining the
instantaneous charge/discharge capabilities and durability of
conventional capacitors, Fuji says.

The auto maker currently is testing prototype Lithium-ion cells and
says that the technology can be applied to hybrid trucks and buses,
along with serving as a replacement for conventional lead-acid
batteries in the future.
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