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Hi Everyone,
I live in Maine, but following the advice of many in this forum I decided to call rural dealerships in the hope of getting a Prius sometime this decade. Well, I worked my way west (which is pretty much the only direction to go from here), and westward, and west again - finally ending up at Toyota of the Black Hills, in Rapid City, South Dakota.
The guy that I worked with is named Robert Gosnell - he's a bloke from New Zealand that somehow ended up in "Rapid" - and he was honest, great to work with, etc. In two months nearly to the day I took delivery of a Driftwood #9, and paid precisely MSRP for it.

That was followed by a 2200 mile road trip back to Maine. At speeds of 60-80 mph we averaged anywhere from 48mpg-55mpg per tank - which I thought was great, considering what I've been reading regarding mileage not exactly meeting folks' expectations.

Anywho, I suggest calling Robert up. He's a great guy, and their list might still be shorter than the average waiting list (at list until a few of you all who are looking call).

Good luck!
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