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jdbower said:
There were a few things that the dealer apparently was supposed to install at the delivery inspection but forgot about. One set were plugs that go into the support member just in front of the rear wheels (I could handle that one). The other one my wife just found in the trunk and I've got no idea where it goes. It's a black U-shaped piece just a little smaller than the inside of the trunk and it apparently mounts using screws. Rather than take it to a dealer, does anyone know where this goes? I can probably post pictures if needed.
As I recall, the U-shaped bolt usually hides out by the spare tire/jack.

The U-bolt is mentioned in the owner's manual. It's a tow hook. No need to install it unless you need a tow.

(The other package of fasteners you mention are drain plugs, meant to cover up the transporter tie-down holes, and makes sure water drains properly out of the underbody of the car.)
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