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Traded old Prius in for new one!

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Well, how many out there are on their second Prius? I got a 2001 Prius as soon as they became available in late 2000. Early this year, 7 months earlier to be exact, I ordered a new 2003 Prius and took delivery last week. Looks identical. Same color but this time with GPS, side airbags, 6-CD changer & cruise control. Why did I trade in an excellent perfectly working car (which I was very happy with) you ask? The answer is extended warranty. I didn't get an extended warranty with my previous Prius, but this time I got a 4/100 Extended Warranty. Seems my initial experiment is over. The technology works very well, and I wanted the extra goodies not available onmy first go-around. Also as I started into my 3rd year as a Prius owner I was a bit concerned about things going wrong with such a complex car and having no warranty coverage. So I bit the bullet and am happy HAPPY HAPPY with my new 2003 Prius. The reason for this long message is to recommend that new buyers seriously consider purchasing the Extended Warranty based realistically on how many miles/year they will drive. A Prius should prove expensive to repair if out of warranty. I'm in my comfort zone, now and how you are, too!
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Congrats on your new Prius. I'd be interested in what you got for your trade in if you don't mind telling.

Also, did you get the GPS because you always wanted one, because it just happened to be bundled with other options you wanted, because the money will lose less value than it would invested in the stock market, or some other reason?
I got about 15.500 for my 2001 Prius with 20k miles. Dealer trade in. A pretty fair deal it would seem. I really wanted the GPS. Having come from California where there are lots of mountains to Florida where it is flat as a pancake, I can get lost rather easily around here unless I can see the Ocean. No more, not with the Nav Lady and the nice compass she has. Interestingly, I didn't order but got anyway, the cruise control, and am using it and fine it very usefull. I find less usefull are the daytime running lights. I'd thought I'd ordered fog lights, but not such animal. I will probably put a switch in for those since they cannot otherwise be turned off. I expect I'll be putting in some fo the mods Costal Tech has since they are just what I need. I'm really going to enjoy getting this car all tricked out with these neat goodies!
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Sounds like you've set yourself up for some fun!

Since you're now in Florida, you can do a road trip and see Coastal ETech up close and personal. :)
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