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This is a bit long.

First of all, my problem was NOT Asif's (the salesman) fault.
Asif picked us up at the airport and we arrived at the dealership about 1:00 pm Tuesday. And, I did pick up my Prius Wednesday PM.

From the beginning I had told Asif and several times over the weeks just prior to my arrival, I had talked to their finance department about the following facts:
1. The car needed to be titled in the company name.
2. We did NOT want the front license plate holder to be installed.
3. We were paying CASH for the car.

We asked the finance department how they desired to receive the funds. We even offered to WIRE the funds to their account prior to our arrival. The finance people repeatedly stated that all I needed was a cashier check.

When we arrived, the license plate holder was on the car. That should have been an indication that things were not going to go well...

Here is the crux of the issue. You tell me why they did this! I have my own opinion.

The dealership tried to insist that they put "backup financing" in place and they insisted that I be also on the title! The excuses used were ... the cashiers check could be a forgery, could bounce, could have a stop payment put on it etc. Now this is AFTER them telling me that this was the desired method to receive "cash". Even a letter faxed from the bank did not satisfy them.

We argued about this until 9:00PM. We left in their loaner car for the night heading to our bed and breakfast in Santa Cruz. We did not check into the Inn until midnight.

The next morning I called to inform them that we were on our way and that they need to let us know if we needed to arrive with a rental car for the drive back to Scottsdale.

A follow-up phone call before we left resulted in the question: "Can we deposit the check now to see if it clears?" I told them yes.

Before reaching Stockton, I called to verify if I needed to arrive with a rental car and was told that everything was resolved and that we could get the car.

We got out of the dealership about 1:00 PM Wednesday with the Prius.
We arrived exhausted in Solvang about midnight. (CA-1 is not fun at night).

From San Diego to AZ state line 53MPG. Once I got to the speed limit of 75 and set my cruise at 80 mileage dropped a bit. The end of trip mpg was 47.

Jim :cry:

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I picked up my Silver BC at Toyota Town yesterday.
Asif was a pleasure to work with.
MSRP, only options added were mats and rear bumper applique.
No pressure at all to add anything.

Total time on list - 2 months. $500 deposit secured with charge
card, but they never submitted charge.

I found Asif extremely responsive - he returned all calls.

Total time at dealer getting car: One hour 40 minutes. That includes
a long test drive and a lot of talking about the car with Asif.
Actual time filling out paper work: about 15 minutes.

And yes I signed the finance agreement to back up my personal
check - I expected no less. It costs me nothing and protects the dealer.

I did call the day before with all my personal details, to expedite
the paperwork.

Easiest car I ever purchased, and by far the most pleasant experience.
How you feel about a purchase depends a lot on what you expect.
My expectations were met in every way.


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Finance agreement

First of all the funds were delivered in the manor REQUESTED.
I offered to WIRE the funds a week early!

Second out of frustration I did offer to gurantee the check. THEN they insisted that I also be on the title in addition to the corporation. They said I could re-title it in AZ. That would make it a USED car.

All in all being at the dealership 9 hours the first day and about 2 hours the second is not my idea of a smooth transaction.

Again it was NOT Asif's fault!


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I agree with you. I purchased out of town from Deal and Davie in Susanville and they were wonderful They just accepted my cashier's check without demur and even gave me their own check for a last minute trade in as my check was for the full amount!
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