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Following is a email from a distict manager who I 1st spoke to today. It has been since March 19th that we've been waiting for some sort of response indicating that something was in deed going to be done. Apparently he tells me that he was not informed about the problem via the 800 call we made to Toyota back in March. He explains that the "case" was resloved because we were given a loaner. The fact "why" we needed the loaner was dropped. We didn't call 800 331 4331 each of the next three times our Priius's warning lights came on. The last occasion was right in the Toyota Service shop. So based on what I was told on the phone today this case did not get the attention it deserved until today! This was after telling the car dealer I wanted to speak to someone at Toyota.

I have been reporting this issue on this and Priuschat if you want a history of what I've been told by the local service rep. and or our experiences to date.


As I promised that I would keep you both informed as to the status of your
vehicle, here is an update for you...

Our regional Field Technical Specialist spoke with Toyota Engineer's in
Torrance, CA today as well as with Kurt Hauf - Lead Technician at Minot
Toyota. As per the discussions these individuals have had today, Minot
Toyota will be ordering a new Toyota Hybrid Battery Pack and new Battery
ECU (Computer) for your vehicle to correct the issue. Apparently, an
updated Battery ECU is not needed as we originally thought. They will just
replace the existing one with a new one. I just spoke with Kurt Hauf, the
technician who advised the dealership will order these parts for your
vehicle asap. Once the parts arrive, Terry the Assistant Service Manager at
the dealership will contact you to schedule an appointment to get your
vehicle in for repairs.

As I learn more about the status as to when the parts will become
available, I will let you know.

Thanks again for your patience,


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Fixed !

On May 18th we were called and told that all the parts had arrived, could we bring the car in the next day. Coincidently the car was giving up the gost at the same time. My wife called to tell me she didn't think she could make the 20 mile drive home. She was going to have to leave it at Toyota and I'd have to come and pick her up, which I did.

The car had the new battery in it and new ECU in it by 4 PM the next day when we were told to come and pick it up.

We've been called by Toyota reps at the reginal and headquarters level during this past week or two assuring us that they were going to fix the problem. Today I got a call asking how it was working since getting it back.

So far its 100% We hope now that this problem is behind us and that we can begin to enjoy the car and the features is offers. It all happened at 17xx miles, it has 32xx mile on it. I will be waiting to see us pass 5000 with out a problem to know were completly out of the woods.
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