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Towing a 2015 Prius with front wheels on a UHaul tow dolly

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I recently towed my 2015 Prius from NY to Ky with the front wheels up on a U Haul tow dolly. I had a problem throughout the trip with the wheels turning completely to the right causing the wheel tie down straps to partially pull off the tire causing a lot of pressure to be placed


on the tires. As I was concerned about safety and possible damage to the front end, I stopped twice at U Haul centers for them to check it out. In short ....they said they never saw this situation before. They said to keep tightening the straps and that it was safe to continue to Kentucky. When I got to Bowling Green and backed it off the dolly, the traction light came on immediately. I took it to the local Toyota Dealer. They diagnosed code C1231,,,,steering angle sensor...with an estimate of $900. to repair. Is the towing the cause of this issue?
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