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Hi all,

Started looking for a new car, not necessarily this car, on May 26. Dealer called on May 28 to say he had arranged for us to have this car by June 18.

It was here on the 17th but our schedules conflicted for delivery. On the 18th we did the deal. There was some chatter about a CDN$500 gas rebate which we thought applied (as did the business manager) but the salesman said it was only for commercial vehicles. The sales manager threw in another full tank of gas to soothe our wounded spirits over the loss of the CDN$500 so it was sort of all good at the end. We wound up paying CDN$9 under MSRP and got an extra full tank of gas out of the deal. Canadians, wherever you are, tell me how you made out!

On the downside/upside upside/downside we were unable to resist the blandishments of the business manager regarding ECP which cost CDN$1675 for 84/12000km. Nor where we able to pass on the fabric and paint LIFETIME protection against stains or fading or whatever for CDN$699. We are putty in their hands, the great gods of car sales!!!

We are off to the Yukon (land of the midnight sun) for the summer. This is the same Yukon that (according to the map) is the land of the UNPAVED road. My wife thinks we should take the "good" highway to where we are going???? So I expect we are going to beat the living he** out of this little buggy before we return.

I laugh at the ECP and I further laugh at the initial guarantee. Let me see them tow the vehicle to an authorized Toyota dealership within 300km (200mi) when we are in the Yukon. HAH!!

I will keep you posted.

Have a good less polluting summer with your PRI.


Did I mention "wow, wow, & wow wow!" What a car, what a vehicle, what a concept. Toyota rules!
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