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Tideland Pearl w/beige or Silver w/dary grey?

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After waiting since Feb at 1 dealer and April at another, both dealers have a 2005 package BC (top) for me at MSRP, green or silver? beige or dark grey interior?
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LouieNet said:
Have you seen the green firsthand? It may not be as green as you'd expect. Louie
No, I haven't seen the green one anywhere. I really like the blue but I just got home with the silver one, I like the gray interior. I took it up to 80 on the freeway and then brought it home. I have a whopping 10 miles on it. Sure is nice :) . It is a BC package '05. I got a pre pay maintenance package for oil changes and services at 15k, 30k, and 45k. It includes 11 oil changes, every 5k, up to 55k.
Re: color choice

An04Prius said:
depends on color of your eyes...silver works with all colors, so you chose wisely, but it is best with blue or green eyes. Beige is great with hazel or brown eyes.
great. my eyes are blue. anyone know how much leather option costs?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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