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Nobody can answer color questions but yourself. It's all a matter of personal preference. You might want to consider making your choice based on which dealer you prefer. Service, helpfulness, etc. If you are going to get dealer financing, which offers you the better rate? Does either one require you to buy dealer add-ons you don't want? Are they both MSRP? If you are trading in an old car, does one offer you more for your trade-in? If you plan on using the same dealer for service (you don't have to) does one have a better reputation for speed & quality? Is one more willing to listen to you and explain stuff to you?

When I bought my last car (a Civic) in 1988, it came down to a Corolla or a Civic. The Toyota dealer lied to me (about the Civic), accused Consumers Union of anti-American bias (this dealer also sold Buics) and generally took the attitude that he'd be doing me a favor by selling me a car. Meanwhile, the Honda dealer was honest, helpful, and eager to provide me with information and to get me the exact options and color I wanted. This Toyota dealer had a dreadful reputation for service. So in the end, having narrowed the field to two cars of equal quality, I made my choice based on the dealer. For 15 years I got great service from that dealer. (Then Toyota came along with the '04 Prius and overcame my loyalty to Honda. :? )
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