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Throttle pulsing or Transmission surging near stop... not brakes

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2015 Prius IV. So the problem seems to be that the throttle is pulsing or the transmission is surging as I am applying very light pressure to the brake. It happens first thing in the morning as I am pulling out of the garage or after I have been driving for 3 hours, so it is not a "Warming up" situation.

As I back out of the garage I have my foot covering the brake, as I depress slightly there is this very noticeable pulse almost like when you have warped rotors. It is not warped rotors though, because the car isnt moving far enough for the brake to make a complete revolution. There is no relation between the pulsing and the brake rotors as it is a continuous pulse at the same rate regardless of speed.

I read a post from 2001 or so about a transmission surging issue that can be negated by applying the brakes firmly. Doesn't work. Still pulses or surges. I know its an 8 year old car but this just started recently so there must be a fix. Why cant I find anything about it online? Does anyone have an answer or can you point me to a post where it is discussed in detail so I can diagnose better and get it fixed in "Round 1" at the dealership.
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