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Terrific also means terrible. And that's what this article is.

I wrote a little note for them, it reads:

Dear Bob Elton,

Your article regarding hybrids contains much vague and false information. Basically everything you have said directly contradicts "the truth" about hybrids. How large is a large premium? How can you compare the Prius to another car when it is so different in size and standard features it comes with? Although increased fuel mileage may or may not make a driver a better environmental citizen, with the Prius it is most certainly true. Prius has plant derived plastics which don't use petroleum which is harmful to the environment. Prius has a bladder that reduces emissions that fume out of the gas tank. Prius uses a miller cycle engine which produces much less exhaust! Even your arguement about the environmental effects of discarded batteries can be refuted by the fact that Toyota has a recycling program in case one of them ever dies. The EPA's test of the city portion is only accomplished in battery-only mode with the Prius. And at that, it will HAVE to recharge after about a minute or two. The test DEFINATELY does consider the fuel needed to recharge the batteries. For the Honda Accord Hybrid, it is required to accelerate WITH the gasoline engine, and also needs to breach 10 mph before the engine will shut off at a full stop. A hybrid's power train may add 10% to the weight of a car. But compared to WHAT? Compared to itself without the power train? SURE. What about the weight of a gear box, clutch, transmission, etc that the Prius DOES NOT need? There's "roughly" 10% of the weight of a car that is NOT used. Hybrid engines dont use several large batteries either. Quite simply they use one and they do not weigh a couple hundred pounds. Also your arguement about rescue workers was pretty much refuted months ago by Toyota. They already said that during an accident the car automatically shuts off the voltage and the cables are very clearly marked with thick, bright orange casing. They also run UNDERNEATH the car so safety workers would not even have a chance to be affected. I believe your article is based solely on misconceptions rather than pure truth as you have no support or specifics to your arguements. I will be posting your article on the hybrid forums. Of course my arguement mostly stands on the Prius because that's where most of my research is. I will let other people who know more about the other hybrids explain their case to you.
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