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I am on a wait list with an Oct-Nov anticipated delivery date. I am a teacher, and have talked about my order with colleagues at school, many of whom have just bought huge SUV's in the last two years and are fussing about high gas prices. Judging from the questions I get (as a Prius wannagetter) the media is definitely trying to poo poo the hybrid technology. For example:

1. "I heard that the Prius doesn't get nearly the gas mileage they say they will"

2. " I heard that paramedics won't get people out of Prius wrecks because the risk electrocution."

3. "I hear the batteries will wear out before the car does and they will cost many thousands to replace."

4. "I hear the cars will have no resale value because the batteries get old really fast."


1. What car ever got the gas mileage on the sticker, all the time, year round? There as as many variables as there are drivers almost. It is a benchmark. In addition to better mileage, the Prius also pollutes much less--what about that?

2. This urban myth apparently springs from a program Toyota started to train EMS workers about what to expect when dismantling Prius roofs and doors to get at passengers.

3. The batteries are warranted for 8 years.

4. ALL cars lose resale value. Toyotas in general fair much better than most.
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