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TdS Report #7: Tour de Sol Categories: Heavy Duty Vehicles

When most people think about electric and hybird-electric vehicles are thinking
in term so personal transportation. However public and commercial uses of
these technologies make a lot of sense. Two years ago an electric school bus
was on the Tour. Ever see a school bus in an Autocross competition? We did!
I wonder ...

Vehicle Name AVS22 Hybrid - Electric Bus
Vehicle Number E001
vehicle type category Hybrid electric
Team Name AVS
Organization Advanced Vehicle Systems
City Chatanooga
State TN
Program blurb The AVS-22 is a quick, clean, and quiet 22' bus.
The hybrid technology enables the AVS-22 to
achieve "Ultra Low Emission Vehicle" status while
maintaining the performance of a conventional
diesel bus. 150 are in service around the world.
The bus is built by Advanced Vehicle Systems
(AVS), a recognized leader in Electric and Hybrid-
Electric Bus technology in the US.

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