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TdS Report #58: Various Short Stories

Michael Tebo from Honda noticed that the kids that visit the Tour are often
well informed. "Kids come and say, `Bio-diesel. Oh yeah, that's vegetable
oil.' A seventh grader yesterday was saying, `Hybrid: It runs on an engine;
has gas with an electric assist'." He added that the adults that attend also
tend to know about the technology.

- - - - - - - - -

Viking 23 had a broken drive components that they repaired along the way.
Apparently they broke one during Autocross that was unrepairable and they went

- - - - - - - - -

Rhonda Hill told me in Trenton that the L3 Enigma "had some little computer
problems, small things that are solved now. The car is running!" The car
drove onto the Trenton display area in the early afternoon and left, under its
own power, after the contestants.

- - - - - - - - -

I found 11 members of the rEVelotionride team in the vehicle, trying to keep
warm on a very, very cold Saturday morning in New York. I asked this team from
the island of North Haven Maine what the tour was like for them. "Highly
educational. I learned more about this car by looking at everybody else's car.
It was pretty great." "It was fun traveling from place-to-place and state-to-
state." "Being a volunteer giving school tours helped to get to know the other
teams." "We are happy to be here, even if we didn't do very good."

- - - - - - - - -

Tom Crick of the PET team showed me the Quick Change trailer used by the
Climate Cooler II and LA Clean Machine scooters to get fresh batteries as they
drove the Tour de Sol. The trailer is a demonstration of how a stationary
Quick Change Station would work.

The concept has been refined and the battery change really was quick:

The door on the side of the scooter is flipped open.
A cart with a couple of rollers is put up next to the opening.
A spring holding the 36 Volt battery in the scooter is released.
The battery is rolled out of the scooter onto the cart.
The cart is rolled to the trailer.
The battery is rolled from the cart onto the trailer.
A fresh battery is rolled from the cart from the trailer.
The cart is rolled from the trailer to the scooter.
The battery is rolled off the cart and into the scooter.
The door on the side of the scooter is closed.

Total time, I guess about 80 seconds. The act of rolling the battery out of
the scooter disconnects it and rolling it in connects it. Very simple.

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